I know quite a few people who spend a great many number of hours in their heads planning their futures, but they lack the courage of conviction to make it happen. Dream and make plans, but still stuck in the rut.

Hey, you only have one life to live. Why don’t you live the life of your dreams?

It may sound improbable that what you plan in your head may actually become reality some day, but every great journey starts with one little step.

Here’s a little to-do for today. Buy a journal and a pen (forget iPad or Mac book, go back to traditional please).  Keep the journal and pen close to you. Whenever you have a moment (like just before bed), start putting your dream-future down on in your journal.

Keep writing. Put flesh to the skeleton each day. And come 2016, we will be asking you to come together with others on the same journey of creating their own futures to meet up AND MAKE IT HAPPEN. That’s what we are here for.

Start writing, ya?

(posted by Jacqueline)