The universe is a virtual quantum soup that only exists as reality in a single moment – now. In fact, far from being a static object that we “bump” into as we journey through life, the universe is manifested on a moment to moment basis, recreating itself out of that quantum soup. What becomes manifested as reality is dependent on at least five factors:

1) the collective consciousness of all sentient beings. This creates a sort of inertia or stability so that a semblance of incremental continuity from the past is carried forward without too much discontinuity.

2) our individual thoughts. Our thoughts generate an energy field that changes our reality and is governed both by the law of intention and law of attraction. When we send an intention out to the universe, it is like a radio signal emanating from us informing our message to the universe. Everything that resonates with our message, our intention, will be drawn towards us and manifest itself. Big things require big energy so it may take a little time. But its also uncanny how fast synchronicities can happen. The downside is that this law never rests, so if you start thinking negative thoughts, negativity and scarcity will be manifested into your life.

3) Feelings impose a lot of energy into an intention. The more passionate you are about your intention, the more energy it carries and the more “reach” it will possess, attracting more that resonates with you to be drawn towards you. As opposed to being ambivalent or apathetic.

4) Gratitude. The universe can sometimes be viewed as a young child eager to please you. When you express gratitude for something (or everything) that the universe has delivered to you, the universe goes “oh, so you liked that, didn’t you? I’ll give you more of the same then.” This is key to accumulating abundance in our lives. Abundance of whatever we wish for. Conversely, if we do not express our gratitude, the universe goes “Oh, that didn’t seem to make him/her happy, wasn’t appreciated, maybe its not really what they want in their life, so I’ll stop manifesting that for them.” Just as synchronicities (so-called coincidences) can be swift and uncanny in its appropriateness, it can also stop just as suddenly.

5) Our actions. Our thoughts and feelings will govern our actions. If we focus our attention on our goals, we automatically stop doing actions that do not lead us to our goals and focus more on doing things that do.

All the above can be summarised in this simple formula:

T + F + A = R

Thoughts + Feelings + Actions = Results

Our thoughts and feelings drive our actions. At some point, we unconsciously start doing actions that bring us closer to our goals (as defined by our intentions and feelings about it) and stop taking actions that do not. The more energy we put in, the bigger and faster the results we get.

Last night, I had another experience that reinforces my belief that thoughts and feelings create our reality, i.e. how the universe manifests itself and presents itself to us. I went to my friend Richard’s
house for the first time. His dog came to the gate to investigate me. Since I love animals, as usual, my heart was filled with love and compassion. I allowed Jack to sniff me and he allowed me to pat him on the head and stroke and tickle him under the chin. He didn’t even bark once.

When Richard came, he was so surprised because usually Jack would bark and be very aggressive towards strangers. In fact, in the four years he has had Jack, this was the first time he has not barked at a stranger.

Had I not filled by heart with love and compassion, Jack would have treated me differently and another reality would have manifested itself out of the virtual quantum soup. So, in conclusion, our thoughts and feelings do create our reality.

From Azlan Adnan (photographed with Iris), Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, Malaysia on 27th December 2015