I have a confession. I went to see a Seer because I was convinced that someone had put a curse on me. I wanted to find out who and I wanted to break the curse. I went in with my guns blazing.

Fortunately for me, the Seer is wise and very Christian.

She told me, “You don’t be minding other people’s bisnis.”

I argued that if someone put a curse on me, it is MY business. She pointedly refused to get into that conversation. “Don’t be playin’ wif things like that,” she cautioned.

I had to do something. I yelped.

She said, “Just light a white candle to burn the bad luck off, girl. That’s all you do.”

We did it together in her house. Suddenly, things became clear to me, though I did not know – still don’t – the solutions.  But it was the start of my recovery. My life had progressed better than it would have if I had been stuck in this dirty game of curses and spells. Instead, I turned away from the darkness and walked in the path of light. I am showered with blessings as soon as I made the decision, against my sense of fair-play to just walk away.

This is an altar someone set up which is dedicated to me.  It’s just white candles, music and yoga mat. It has worked wonders. It works! It really works! I could feel the darkness banishing from my soul.

I would ask you to please light a white candle on New’s Year Eve to burn off the past year and cast light into 2016, and together we bring light to the new year.