I have always wanted to write a novel about my years as a postgraduate at Oxford – it was a time of mathematics, dreaming spires and philosophical thinking amidst young children, tobogganing and a beautiful life.

But I never got round to doing it seriously until November 2015.  The reason is because I was comfortable meandering through my comfortable life.  There was never need to aspire to more, because I was already there where I wanted to be.

But in November 2015, my world fell apart. i could have fallen apart too, but I chose the other path: I started going to an office to give myself a reason to get out of bed to start building my own dreams instead of someone else’s. Life is not a rehearsal. I personally don’t think people should live in discontent, dreaming of another land that they are too afraid to walk towards.  If you are happy where you are, stay there. But don’t waste your life otherwise – get out of bed with us at www.lifeGO.me