From multi-million pound deals to sorting us out!

When you are 100% focused and euphoric about a venture as we are about, you often do not see the road ahead with clear objective eyes. Thus, it was good to have an old friend and successful entrepreneur John McLaren stopping by to give us some very good advice. He himself had undergone the metamorphosis, transitioning from a successful blue-chip corporate career into doing the things that inspires and motivates him now through the corporate finance boutique that he has set up.

His main takeaways for us (and I guess this would apply for other entrepreneurs) to turn our feelgood project into a real business are:

  1. Stay focused
  2. Clear and concise elevator pitch
  3. Make sure the early euphoria is sustainable

John gave us serious food for thought and we have come to one strong conclusion: this is about YOU. Whether we can make a business out of this or not is secondary to us. We want to continue spreading Bumblebee culture (because it gives us great joy), but to grow, we have to attract business partners, advertisers, corporate sponsors, funding, etc. And we need YOU:

  1. Please continue with the momentum that you have established. has almost 1,000 followers in the first two days of its Christmas Day launch. And we are talking active followers who post and interact with each other. We need you to keep being inspired and we are doing our best to keep you inspired! We want the channel to be the one you turn on when you wake up every morning.
  2. Grow the numbers with us. Please share what we put out. As you can see, we put in lots and lots of effort to building this. We are working hard on our youtube channel at the moment.
  3. Share, share, share, and help us make go viral. Let us make this global collaboration work – together – because a rising tide raises all ship.

This is our section specially for you thinking about working for yourself or just started out on this exciting path.

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