IMG_4855That’s the question many entrepreneurs ask themselves. After all, many great ventures began in the spare room and the shed without the expense of an office. Anna, Vicky and I could have just met up in coffee shops or in each other’s homes but here we are, at the Lightbulb building with a great little café downstairs.

I love my little office – probably because I never had one. I feel a buzz each time I come to my little office. It makes it real for me and I love the buzz of interacting with the uplifting energy in this building dedicated to start-ups. We are all trying to make it here! You can definitely feel the vibe.

Some details about our office:

It’s in a large, bright converted building. There are 80 units such as ours. The rent is £720+VAT a month, with £50 for wifi and £16 for the phone line. The closest public transport is British Rail’s Wandsworth Town. And this area is definitely undergoing urban rejuvenation!