These days, people don’t fix problems.  It takes too much time and effort. They discard the ‘problem’ and move on to easier options.

But what happens when the problem is your life?

I never had any problems to fix until November 2015. Life had always been good for me. When it was slightly less than good, either my brother, my mother or my children’s father will fix the problem for me. In November 2015, my cardiologist fixed my problem for me.

He did it by fixing my thinking when conventional medicine failed. He insisted very strongly that I meditate (to let go) and laugh (to find my old joy).  I have shared a few meditation clips on our YouTube channel.

In a space of three short weeks, my whole life turned around completely. Though physically I am still not out of the woods yet, I am flying high emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Example on how to fix your thinking:

I’ve always had a somewhat difficult relationship with my father. We fought a lot, especially throughout my teenage years. We continue to fight into my forties.

During my illness, I spent quite a lot of time looking through old photographs of my father’s mother and was in the presence of my grandma’s old things.  She is such a legend, because of her beauty, character and lifestyle.  Lots of beautiful photos of beautiful people, beautiful house, beautiful life. But I also saw, sensed and felt an unhappiness and perhaps a trace of unintentional unkindness. It was probably the consequence of the time (Victorians weren’t always kind to  children), the war and family beliefs.

That shaped my father and made him the man I fought viciously with. He wasn’t born like that (no child ever was); he is a product of the life he’s led. Can I castigate him for that?

As a father, he had provided very comfortably for us all. We had a blessed life because he had provided very comfortably for my Ma, so that she could dedicate herself to creating a beautiful, magical childhood for us. My Ma was always there with a big smile on her face always, with all the time in the world for us. So thank you, Daddy.

I gave him a heartfelt hug and he knew.