What do I know about business and start-up and entrepreneurship?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

This is why I am indebted to my dear friend John Mclaren for his invaluable experience and expertise.  John told us that he was once involved in a start-up company (a price comparison website where people post their purchases). The venture attracted 70,000 sign-ups over its launch weekend on zero advertising. A few months later, it crashed…..yeeaargh!

John was tough and realistic with us (Anna had to comfort me a bit after he left our office), but nevertheless, his advice was very, very useful. John was brutal. He said we have to ask ourselves: does it have a future? So many new ventures die an ignoramus death.

This is why we remain positive about Bumblebee Co which is the holding company for liveGO.me:

  1. Our membership has remained constant since its Christmas Day soft launch – no mass exodus;
  2. We have regular site traffic to our website;
  3. And the most important thing is, our members are talking to each other!!!!

We are proud that we managed to get this up with zero spend on advertising – no google/facebook advertisements, no brochures, no business cards even. We prefer to spend what little cash we have on engaging people in the real world by our festive giveaways (more to come).

We get there by hard work and dedication. We write things and make videos that are relevant to you, not on what will make us money. We believe that will come later. First, we have to sow the good seeds – like my Ma sowing good seeds all her life, now our family is so blessed.

Our key factors for success:

  1. Anna, Vicky and I are relationship-builders. We don’t cut and run. We stick by why we do. Just look at our history.
  2. We are hard workers for the long haul, not for the short term.
  3. Finally, there are three of us. We keep each other going.

Folks, can we please ask you to sign up to http://www.lifeGO.me’s fitness channel. Just click ‘Follow’ on the bottom right of the page.  In this way, if we have enough subscribers, we can go to relevant companies at a later date for sponsorship to deliver free, high-quality programmes for YOU.

Thank you so much for being part of our ride – love xxx