Life is part of Nature.  It is a living, breathing entity. So why do you expect it to stand still? Why do you expect it always to be ‘good’ for you?

A few people in the past had bleated to me, “It’s so unfair! Why do bad things happen to me? I haven’t done anything wrong to anyone!”

Maybe you have, not in actual actions, but in words and thoughts – and I find life generally obeys the Law of Karma.  But even if you haven’t, even if you are the living Mother Theresa, why do you expect life to be ‘good’ all the time?

It flows and ebbs. It comes and goes. It goes light, and then it goes dark. That is the cycle of life.

The secret is to learn how to find wisdom, beauty and joy in your dark periods. You’d be amazed by the loveliness of the dark!

In November, my world suddenly went dark. It was nothing like the joyous month I planned. Of course, the first thought that came to my mind was, “Why me!”

But a Stargazer came and took my hand. He showed me the brilliance of the night sky. We drank endless cups of hot chocolate in the hospital cafeteria until we both got high on sugar and laughed hysterically at nothing.

I also learned to find my peace. I found peace in living within a sick body, because he had showed me that there is a special kind of love that springs to life when you need someone to walk with you and you trust him completely to lead you.

I learned to wait for light with hope and joy in my heart. But most of all, I learned that there is magic and beauty in every situation. We just need to develop the eyes to see it.

I am grateful for the darkness. I am finally able to say that.