A couple of days ago, I wrote that I am astounded by the degree and rate of synchronicity between my thoughts and my world.  Yesterday, I wrote about the opportunities in the brave new world. I wrote that the time for selfish, self-purpose businesses are over – we are seeing big conglomerates being dismantled. The time has changed to migrate towards a more heart-led platform: smaller, more focussed, more in tune with the world and human beings.

Almost instantly, I received a message on the lifeGO.me blog bringing my attention to a wonderful venture called the Robin Hood Coop.

Robin Hood Coop is a hedge fund run entirely by volunteers and one paid employee, and despite the turbulence of the global financial markets and its tiny size, this hedge fund  was among the world’s top three best performing hedge funds. During its first year and at the end of the 2014/15 financial year was €150,000 (£113,000) in profit (find size half a million).

How could a small hedge fund staffed almost entirely by volunteers beat highly paid professionals?  Here’s the piece: they built a computer algorithm called Parasite that piggybacks off overpaid Wall Street honchos investment decisions (clever, eh? parasiting off the parasites for a good cause).  The profits are invested in community projects. The ‘shareholders’ are coop members and have a vote where they want the profits to go to (they can even vote to keep 100% of the profits for themselves).

And because it is staffed almost entirely by volunteers, investors are not hit by ridiculously high management fees.

I do know what I am talking about in this case because I was once a fund manager managing over U$800million in equities for institutional clients. Though I was not trained in finance, economics or accountancy, by some quirk of fate, I am mathematically gifted. I was recruited by Barclays de Zoete Wedd Investment Management when it was transitioning its ‘traditional active’ to ‘advanced active’ or tiered fund management. I built computer models to tilt portfolios so that whilst it has the security and low cost of tracking the Index, the portfolios are tilted to deliver higher returns. I believe it is all a numbers game – yeah, am a physicist at heart, as my novel-to-be Catching Infinity will bear testament.

I am a coop member of this exciting new hedge fund, not only because of its ethos, but because I believe it is part of the revolution I have been writing about.  Am sending lots of positive vibes to the Robin Hoods to reverse the tide of corporate greed. xxx

PS. I find it disgusting that big corporations are avoiding tax (by employing savvy accountants) and saying that it is perfectly legal, that it is smart even.  Time is over, boys.

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