My tenant had finally decided to leave, yayyyy! I am thrilled because I would get my home back. But wait a minute, I would lose my nice rental income. Hmmm, should I take the monthly financial drought or should I find a new tenant and find myself a cheaper place to live in? It seems decadent to have such a big space when I am not there all the time……or should I sell?

On and on I went. I could tell he was getting exasperated. He who never owned a house.

“Jac, stop it!” he finally exclaimed. “Let me tell you the story about the accountant who planned his financial details so very carefully. He planned everything to the last detail, wasting his precious life locked in his head, instead of enjoying living fully in the real world.  He planned every penny coming in and every penny coming out.  Finally, he decided to splash out and buy some After Eight Mints. Do you know what happened?”

Me: “No.”

He, the free-spirit yogi, replied smugly: “The poor bastard died at 7.59pm.”