photo-554So, we are here. At the Advanced Cardiac Imaging Centre.  He is all professional and distant towards me, his patient, though we have been colleagues and soulmates over the nine year period. There’s a code somewhere, I am sure, that we took alongside the Hippocrates Oath about no personal engagement at all with one’s patient.

He uhm-ed and ah-ed and frowned as he hooked me up to the sophisticated machines.  “I must say, I am glad your breasts have shrunken in size in the last week since you were ill.”

I grinned at him mischievously, flirtatiously.  “Why? Did you find them intimidating?”

He flicked me a look and without missing a beat, he replied, “Jac, I get better electrical connectivity to your heart now that you are back to your flat-chested self.”

Gah! But those C-cups were good whilst they last.