Overthinking can kill. It can kill dreams, it can kill relationships, it can kill a future, it can also kill a healthy human being.  If you overthink, you run the risk of f*cking yourself up. BIG TIME.

According to the Bhagavad Gita, the senses are horses, the mind is the driver of the chariot pulled by the horses and the soul is the passenger. The mind, you might think, is always right, but it is no more than a taxi driver.  It has to learn to be quiet to listen to the soul. If you have a mind that cannot be quieten, it is like being taken for a meaningless, lost journey by a taxi driver who is controlled by mindless horses.

image: bhagavadgitaonline.wordpress.com

But perhaps my daughter’s yogi cardiologist explains it best. My daughter is an alpha female who is into conquering the world. Her brain is aggressive, multi-dimensional and never stops. But her heart problems have taught her important lessons as she is blessed to have a yogi who is also her doctor.

He: “Remember the first time your heart went into arrhythmia? Tell me what happened.”

She: “I panicked. My heart rate was over 210.”

He: “Why did you panic?”

She: “Because I thought I was going to die.”

He: “Why did you think you were going to die?”

She: ‘My heart was going crazy. I was afraid it would go out of control and it would no longer be efficient. I wouldn’t get oxygen to my brain then. I’ll be brain damaged. And die.”

He: “What’s different now?”

She smiled her brilliant smile. “You taught me how to go off-pump. I trust you. You have shown me enough evidence for me to trust you. You have explained to me clearly about my chances of surviving an arrhythmia attack. I have made my peace with it. So I don’t think anymore when I have an attack, I don’t worry anymore, I let go and breathe, even when my heart rate goes over 200.”

He smiled back. ‘That’s my girl. Always remember, YOU run the show, not your mind.”