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It’s happened in only 31 days.

It’s been a rough year for investors, and it’s just getting started.

The S&P 500 Index has plunged 10.5% since the first trading day of 2016, erasing $1.78 trillion in value for investors, says S&P’s Richard Peterson, a senior director of Global Markets Intelligence. On average, investors have lost a collective $57 billion per trading day this year. Ouch.

That’s roughly equal to the GDP of Canada in 2014, according to the World Bank.


The financial markets and the world of corporate megastructures are in for a rollercoaster ride. You could call it recession, correction, justification…whatever.  But if you are stressed out about what’s happening (yes, it affects everything), perhaps this is time to think about a sabbatical on a beach hut somewhere, live cheaply and plan your next step?

I am no economist but I strongly believe that this is the time for us all to rebuild a new order – I strongly believe that the time has come for a reductionist economy rather than one based on greed and excesses. We have seen large faceless corporations no longer run as smoothly as it once did a generation ago. Profits are falling, things are changing – for better or for worse – and this is an opportunity for us to be the change we need to see happening, namely a return to grassroots and also evaluating our own values.

What is the purpose of your time on earth? Just to play the monopoly game and then die, or live consciously and meaningfully each day of your life?

Some ideas to think about whilst you are sitting on the shack, and here’s our Entrepreneurship section.