My children’s father and I walk on the beach a lot. When we moved to Phuket 18 months ago, our simple ambition was to walk on the beach everyday. Today, we walked 4 kms across the lovely stretch of sand on Kamala beach and bought some freshly barbecued fish and mango salad for dinner.

We often see many things on our walks that teach us important life’s lesson. This little guy and his grandad watching the sunset hand-in-hand, for example. Isn’t this the real meaning of life when you are 70-80 years old, when your life’s work on earth is done? What is sweeter than brightening someone’s light when your own is dimming?

And these fishing boats:


These boats are bobbing on the sea peacefully after a hard day’s work. They move, but always with the flow of the sea. They are at peace. Sure, high conflict relationships are exciting, but what do you look for in your sunset? Not the sleek racing dinghies, that’s for sure, but this, I think, the gentleness of graceful boats enjoying the last light of day with each other.

My children’s father and I, we are happy. Always. We don’t have a lot, but we have more than enough. And that is good enough for us.