(Luke 13:6–9, King James Version)

Today, before I went to church, I wrote about how my children’s father and I taught our fourth child and our fifth child how to be strong from the inside out rather than follow today’s sad trend of being too quick to throw things away, finding the quick way out instead of staying and fixing.

And then the homily at church today was about the barren fig tree. In the parable, a rich landowner had a fig tree that has not borne any fruit despite being there for three years. The fig tree was using up space and producing nothing.  The irate landowner ordered the servant to cut it down.

The servant begged the landowner to give the tree a chance. The servant promised that he would work hard, tending the tree with diligently for one year in the hope that it may bear fruit.

Now, are you teaching your child to be the landowner or the servant?

Raising a child to be a landowner sounds more efficient, right? Be efficient and successful! But hey, how many trees will he cut down in his life before there is nothing left to cut down and his soul starves to death, never having known beauty? Have a think……lessons-from-the-parables-the-fig-tree-a-lesson-in-the-patience-and-judgment-of-god_1