The Huffington Post and Unilever are building a movement to start conversations between parents and children under the hashtag #TalkToMe, and as a regular blogger, I was invited to post a video of myself being interviewed by my child.

It was an interesting experience for both of us. Georgina is a voracious and ebullient talker with strong views, opinions and thoughts on almost every subject under the sun.  She commands airtime … all the time. Thus, it was good for her to listen patiently, namely to listen to understand, rather than listening to reply and to challenge. I think she gained more insight into her Mum from this five minutes on camera.

I was touched that one of the questions she asked me was “What’s your special memory of both of us?” Answering her five questions, unscripted and unrehearsed, also clarified important things for me ❤

Try this with your child or your parent.  It’s a beautiful little exercise in a world where people are becoming more disconnected from each other.