I suffered from migraines for as long as I can remember.  It was that crippling version that used to leave me paralysed for a day or two each time it hit me.  I did everything to try to get rid of it.  I went for the heaviest medication and I also went deep into the holistic way, which is keeping meticulous records of my food intake, menstruation dates, sleeping times and stress levels. I used essential oils. I used homeopathy. I used every damn thing on the planet. Still, I was crippled whenever it hit.

About ten years ago, I was in my Soul Sister’s house in Yorkshire when I had this really terrible bursting pain behind my eyes. Carlie put me on her chair on which her Bio-resonance system was attached to. I didn’t understand how it all worked (I still don’t), by miraculously, I have not had a single attack of migraine since!

Then in 2014, when we had exhausted all conventional medical routes with Georgina’s inexplicable arrhythmia, I emailed Carlie. Not to ask for medical help but just to talk. She is one of those natural born healers with the wisdom of the ages in her head. From halfway across the world, Carlie came up with a very unexpected diagnosis: Georgina had bacteria in her heart valves. A few days later, endoscopic results proved that Georgina did indeed have bacterial growth in her heart valves. With her miracle system, Carlie removed Georgina’s bacteria from 6000 miles away.

Carlie, her mother and her sister each have this Bio-resonance system in their homes. They are firm believers in the system. They don’t make money from it (they just use it for family and close friends only); they are just believers.

So, when I was very ill, did Carlie try to tell me to use her system? Did she tell me that her system will cure me?




There’s no need to push it down my throat. And that is the beauty of my Soul Sister which has earned her my endless trust and respect. She does not force her ‘Truth’ on anyone. She lets you find your own Truth.

That is like heaven to me because when I was ill, I had literally a hundred people (many are strangers whom I have never met, others are close friends) recommending natural remedies, alternative treatments, hospitals and books. I got sent water. I got sent essential oils.  I got sent vitamins. I got sent books. I got send 1000 video links.  If I were to embrace all, I would surely be dead by now from over-taxing my systems from eating 18 jars of vitamins, minerals and supplements. I would be broke from visiting all the hospitals recommended to me by people who swear their friends received miracle cures; I would have been broke too if I bought all the systems recommended to me.

Everyone had a solution to my problem, without knowing me or my problem. This is why I shut doors.  Some people got offended. Why are you so close-minded, they berated me.  I am not close-minded, love. Just that your truth is not necessarily mine. We all need to find our own truths.


One evening, Carlie arrived at her mother’s house at 11pm. I was staying there so we had a cup of tea and a little chat. The next day, she left a book she was reading by the front door, next to the keys and unopened mail. I picked the book up and began reading about Soul Groups. Suddenly, a shaft of light came through my pain-fogged brain. I began to understand my situation. I began healing my mind. I sat up and read for a couple of hours, making notes on a piece of paper.

The next day, I said to her, “Why didn’t you tell me to read this book?”

She: ‘You have many books to read. You will read the one that you need.”

And she is right.

There is this bright light in us that is our Inner Wisdom. It is greater than anything external, that anyone could tell you.  We intuitively and instinctively know what works for us. That is our Truth, which is personal. Please respect others’ Truth and allow them to find it with grace.

This is Carlie and Georgina on a beautiful summer’s day.


Note: please don’t ask me about the Bio-resonance system or consultation with Carlie.