One of the most difficult things to believe in is that you don’t get better outside/elsewhere. This is as good as it gets. The grass is never greener on the other side; it is green wherever you water it.

When I was in my teens, my younger brother and I dreamed of escaping our hometown. We would plot and plan on those long slow afternoons.  Portsmouth is like the backwaters. Nothing exciting ever happened here. We may as well die.

As soon as we could, it was London for me and Sydney for him. Life was very exciting in London. We lived next to the Royal Albert Hall and went to the best parties.  It was a magical time and my children had a fantastic childhood, to the extent that my third and fourth children now live within a mile from their childhood home by choice. At 24 and 25, they could live anywhere in the world but they chose to come home to this part of London where they had such good memories.

Life for me now is Phuket. It could not have been more different. Where once I had a Porsche and a Ducati, I now have a kayak and a paddleboard. I go out on either of these on most evenings. I just love being out on the ocean especially at sunset.

This is the boundaries of my daily life. This is the local shop I get fresh fruits and vegetables from:

photo 4-37.JPG

photo 2-144.JPG

What You See Is What You Get. WYSIWYG. I get my nuts, seeds, olive oil, etc, from the supermarket catering to foreigners but I try to buy local as much as I can. The fruits and vegs here are mainly grown in local smallholdings and they are so rich and flavoursome rather from produce from mass-farming.  It has taught me to be creative.  I made this today plus vegetable soup:


Full of fresh vegetables (very little glass noodles), no artificial flavourings or flavour enhancers, all for less than 20p a portion.  I would have to pay a whopping £7 for a (less healthy) takeaway fried noodles in London. Does it taste better? Hmmm, not when you are sitting on the beach eating the 20p version. Life is not better, just different. It’s up  to us to make the Now feel better than it has ever been, that’s all.


Note: Once upon a time, not that long ago, this was my life. Hampshire Farmers Market. And I loved it just as much ❤

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