on February 14th, 2013, I posted a short article about my boss and so far, it has been shared 2,725 times and liked by over 4,000 people.  The number continues to grow.  This is the post – please do share this one or the original to make Real Economics real:

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My boss, Dr Achmad Mediana, lives a simple and humble life, despite being the top gynaecologist in Jakarta. He works all hours that God gives, yet he does not have the trappings of wealth.

Officially, in his clinic books, 40% of his patients are charity cases. But the reality is, there is a lot more. A whole lot more. He pays for medicine for the poor, for example, out of his own pocket. And hospital fees too, for women with complicated births who cannot afford operating theatre fees. He has built a clinic in Ciawi, where women and children get top-class medical care for FREE. Oh, he has so many ventures like this going, on the quiet, doesn’t let people know, just keeps going steadily, fueled by his hard work.

He has quite little himself to survive on. His children do not go to international schools. Nor is he planning to send his son abroad for medical studies. He tells me, his target is to have 80% charity patients.

I was aghast! “How are you going to survive then? You are barely living a luxurious life now! How are you going to survive if you cut down your income more!”

“Jacqueline, here’s a simple economics for you. As you grow older, you should need less. Because you have to prepare to go into your grave, which is so narrow that it can only take the cloth you are wrapped in.”

I love this, Economics for Less, instead of more, more, more … which is cancer (when cells make more, more, more and go crazy, until it ultimately kills its host and thence, itself).
“When you want less, you feel rich,” he said with his imitable smile. “I am a very rich man, Jacqueline! Don’t worry about me.”