I must admit, sometimes when I look at the scale of world problems I think to myself, what on earth can little ol’ me do about it?

On 14th January 2014, innocent people in Jakarta were killed senselessly in bomb and gun attacks. You can read about it here. My dear friend Roderick des Tombe – who taught me how to love his country – wrote these words which struck a chord deep in me and gave me courage to believe that I can do something (and that I must):

Today we in Jakarta witnessed a few misguided individuals, backed by other misguided individuals, carrying out attacks on innocent citizens and police officers. Sad and shocking yes – but don’t be misguided. The truth is that something like 150,000 people die every day. Something like 20,000 people die per day from hunger. Today’s news was about 10 or so people who died from terrorism. For how many days has this been happening in Iraq? The truth is that ‘terrorism’ is sponsored mostly for political / strategic reasons ~ and often emerges out of poverty and desperation.

If you truly care about what’s happening, commit to alleviating poverty where you are, and within your sphere of influence. Commit to understanding / exploring how our outdated government and business norms have brought us our current crises. Commit to being a part of the solution. Commit to seeing beyond the media headlines.

Commit to sharing what you have, and building networks where you can to give. Commit to unity in diversity. Commit to standing up for our brothers and sisters everywhere, and join the growing chorus to reject violence in all its forms. Stand for unity against violence. Stand for love, collaboration, innovation, and tackling the real challenges that we face. It’s time to replace the old models with the new. And it’s time to have the courage to stand for what we believe in.

Yes, pray for Jakarta. Pray for Indonesia. But most importantly, live your life in a way that reflects your commitment to building a better world. And take some time to investigate the drivers / leverage points behind global evolution. The next chapter is about we, the people. Are you ready to take a stand? As hard as it is, let’s commit to leading by example…

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