What is life?  Do take a minute to think about it.

In its simplest form, it is just a collection of days over someone’s lifetime. This is why spiritualists, New Age writers and enlightened folks tell us to live for now. Tomorrow might never come, and it is often not better than what you have today, now.

This is my 16 year old daughter on a beautiful day in Lisbon. She took out a pack of cards and we sat for ours at the Avenida, playing cards, listening to street musicians and drinking lemonade.  It was an amazingly perfect day, like so many in her lives.



Her father and I had one dream, and that is to fill her life with as much magic and beauty as possible. She is our last child, the baby of our family, and her older siblings, grandparents, cousins etc, all share our dream of raising the most magical child ever. It was an easy project, with so many helping hands, working towards the same vision. But at the root of it all is being happy ourselves with what we have and where we are. That, I think, is always the case.  Radiate happiness and your child will absorb it (or whatever you project).

This is she, and she fills our lives with laughter and fun, with her boisterousness, her sense of humour and her magic.