Here’s an interesting analogy: what happens when you glue wings on caterpillars? They will not be able to fly like butterflies. They have to grow their own wings. Ditto happiness. You have to grow your own.

I read an interesting nationwide survey this morning (read about it here) that questioned a large cross-section of society to ask these questions:

  • Overall, how satisfied are you with your life these days?
  • To what extent do you feel the things you do in your life are worthwhile?
  • How happy do you feel yesterday?
  • How anxious did you feel yesterday?

The result showed that despite the fact that people are wealthier and healthier these days, they are not happier. The attributing factor could well be the instability and the violence that we see in the world today.

So it gets back to my point: happiness begins with the self, not the external environment. Money or even good health cannot give you happiness. Thus, never feel guilty about working on your own happiness. And when it comes to parenting, I am a great believer that we should imbue our children with pure happiness, so that they recognise it when they see it in adulthood. Spread and extend the happiness from yourself to your family, extend the cocoon of love. There is no ‘better’ happiness to be found in the outside world. I wish more people will look inwards for happiness, joy and contentment, rather than chasing mirages in the illusory external world. I know a few people who chase all these goodness in the hope that one of their many transient relationships will bring them contentment and joy for the rest of their lives, looking for partners to fix their broken inner child and elevate them, whether through sexual or romantic liaisons, but these rarely come to fruition. It always starts with the self and radiate outwards to encompass your love ones.

By the way, anti-depressant prescriptions are on the rise, costing the NHS 780,000 pounds A DAY!!! More and more children are being diagnosed as depressed 😦

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