Go home to your family, that is what we believe in. Ideally, we should be able to solve our own problems, but sometimes, we need a helping hand. Or sometimes, why choose the difficult and rocky road, just for bragging rights? Cold comforts, when you have the loving arms of your family waiting to soothe your problems away and lift the burdens from your world-weary shoulders.

My daughter G has a slight problem: she has lost her mojo for football. For years, it had been her number one passion. Her life. Her future. Then she was off football for six months due to a serious heart condition. She has caught up well though she is not her old form. She has just finished her grueling nine IGCSE exams. But most crucially, she has moved up from playing seven a side to eleven a side. Her teammates are national players and those who play semi-pro football in different continents of the world. Put all those factors together and you see a former star working very, very hard but not reaching the stellar heights.

So, there is no better cure than a kick-about with big brother, no pressure, just playing, learning new tricks, on this beautiful summer’s day, with the sun shining, flowers blooming and birds singing. This magical corner of London is so very different from the eleven football pitches in muggy Phuket or the hard, windy fields in Lisbon. It was just for the love of the game. And  the love for family.


I strongly believe this is why we exist: for each other. The river does not drink its own water and nor does the sun shine for itself. Similarly, family does not exist for the success of the individual but for the collective goals and love for all.