We have been friends for years.

On a cold,dark November night, we met up at a West Indian restaurant on Brixton Hill. Our internal environments and lives mirrored the cold, dark season outside but we were here because my healer told me to stop eating hospital food and start eating West Indian food. The ulcers in my mouth hurt like hell but I had my best meal ever.

That’s when I discovered again the true value of people who are there for you when you have nothing to give them.  

Then, we had cried, commiserated with each other, dried our tears and vowed to move forward with our lives without hatred, anger and bitterness.  We philosophised and rationalised; we forgave, let go and moved forward. Our smiles were a bit wonky, our eyes a bit anxious about a future that was so uncertain, but we had each other and our wonderful families (and God).  “We will survive,” we howled a’la Tina Turner.

And here we are, nine months later.  Life is better for the three of us than we could have ever imagined after the dark days of November 2015. The joy jumps from us as we embraced each other for the first time in months. The happiness 24 carat this time as our lives take on new, more solid directions – yes, things have worked out beautifully, by the grace of God.

We wish you the best, folks, and please continue to hang out with us here. The Bumblebees go on with love ❤