Almost a year ago, Anna, Vicky and I were at a crossroad of our lives. That was when we started Our manifesto was simply love, kindness, laughter, mutual support and all the good things.  There was already enough ugliness in the world. “We will survive!” We howled amidst tears and laughter, trying to be brave, plastering on our wonky smiles. We did not know what the uncertain future held for us.

Then, we had met up with our friend John McLaren at our office who asked us, “How are you going to make money?” You can read about it here.  We didn’t quite know. Times were tough in the world, many businesses fail to get started, nobody was investing, the future was uncertain,people were fearful,  etc.

But the three of us bravely soldiered on.  Anna and Vicky started with nothing but now, they are near achieving their first-year target (though it is only August!). Their portfolio has grown, the business evolved and they are fired up with excitement and enthusiasm for the opportunities coming their way. When Vicky picked me up, she had the biggest smile on her face and a big stack of brochures in her bag.

It is amazing that within a year, starting from scratch, they have reached self-sustainability and are laying down the foundations for growth.

But we are not the only ones. These two young ladies, Ania and Rosie (only 28!) built up a business with quarter of million pounds turnover whilst still doing their day jobs! You can read their story here.  I absolutely love it.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 8.29.24.png

So it is possible IF YOU DARE. You don’t even need a lot of cash to start.  If you have (1) the strength of commitment, (2) the support (very important) and (3) a good business plan. We think you need these three ingredients. Be happy, be strong. BELIEVE.

That’s me off to meet Anna for lunch, though my partner reminds me, “Not too boozy, you gotta work, you’re my pension fund” ❤

Photo on 7-23-16 at 9.10