My older daughter Kat is always my Princess. After two boys, her birth was heralded with much joyful tears. I never cried in the delivery room since.  She grew into a beautiful, graceful girl. And in a way, I am more protective of her than I am of her loud, feisty and unruly younger sister. Their characters could not have been more different. Kat, my firstborn girl, will always be my Princess.


So, after years of being single, Kat has finally decided on someone. A boy from Berkshire. We met the family. They are very similar to ours, and that is always a big degree of comfort. They adore Kat, too (yaaay, families are so important!). But how do we know their son is right for our precious daughter?

I got my answer over a period of few weeks. I noticed that he is always helping Kat in the kitchen. Even as he was rushing off to work, he would ask her if there was anything he could do. He never sat around expecting to be served. And here they were, in the kitchen late at night, just bustling around. It made me happy that my daughter has made the right choice.


It reminded me of the conversation my father and I had. My father told me that he wasn’t expecting a prince for me. A man that is good enough for his only daughter is the one who loves her. “A prince who treats you like a servant is not good enough for you,” he said. I think that’s the best we can hope for, someone who would love, cherish and take care of our adult children, instead of use and abuse them.