We all have dreams, but to take the plunge requires courage. 

A few days ago, I met a German guy who trained as an accountant, who is a friend of a friend. Tonight, over dinner with friends, we started talking – about many things. He said that when he worked for the Big Four once upon a time, he once audited a hospital’s accounts, and found out radiologists earn the most.

He is very strategic and focused. He was advising someone, if you want to change jobs, make sure it is on a career path. He also said that unfortunately for young people, big firms want young people but with many years of experience behind them, though overall, young people are easier to be hired. Also, don’t change jobs too much; don’t hop around from job to job.

All good career advice.

But the best thing he said all night was: The biggest failure is the failure to do things. Live without fear.

So what happened to his career? He left his job and  took it easy for a year. For fun, he drove an Uber taxi and made about $300 in his entire (short) career as a taxi driver. He rents out the two spare rooms in his house via Airbnb. Then he began building his own consulting firm. I asked him intrusive questions such as “Do you earn enough to live?”, “Is your business self-sufficient?”. And yes, he now gets clients coming through the front door of his consulting firm.

He loves his new life because it is on his terms. He is on a five-week holiday and had travelled extensively. What impressed me most? He is excited about many things beyond accounting, money, clients. He talked about going around London visiting bookshops to look for a book. He has an emotional attachment for Scotland. Edinburgh in particular. So I dragged my daughter over for a chat with him hoping that she would be encouraged to follow her passion instead of blindly joining the workforce. The world of work is indeed changing and I am inspired having met this game-changer.

Life gets exciting when you follow your passion. Because the biggest failure is the failure to do things. Live without fear.

This is a photo of me from a while back, taken on the night I received the contract for my first novel. It’s a great feeling!