South Kensington will always be magical to me because my children grew up here. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world in its understated, calm and graceful way.  I love the wide boulevards, the little coffee shops, the private little squares behind evergreen bushes. There is so much to love here.

But the reality wasn’t all rosy when we lived here. Not for me, anyway. I had to work very hard to pay for our exorbitant mortgage. We lived from hand to mouth, and as the main bread winner, I was under a lot of stress. I could not slack off or slow down, because we had no reserves. I struggled.

But I was always grateful for the little things. Like the early-morning walks to school that was my one luxury. The weekend afternoons in the park with the children, they were so lovely. The tiny pubs in the mews. I had a lot to be grateful for. Today, I saw this on Buddha Doodles:


And yes, it was a good life all round that I thank the good Lord for. I am blessed to have had it. Though it was not all glamour and ambition, parenting is the greatest thing to happen to me. I feel that gratitude whenever I walked the pavements of South Kensington, and though I am on the verge of buying a garden flat in Portsmouth near my parents, I am half-thinking, maybe a tiny, tiny bedsit here instead?

It had been such a happy place for us all: my children live just up the road. Of all the places that Jack and Katerina could choose to live in, they chose to come home to this little corner of the world. I think they have been very happy here ❤