Many people have asked, why don’t I ever comment on global events? Am I just not bovvered? Sure, it is easy to press ‘share’ on the internet button, but I will not just share. There is enough anger – and enough rubbish – out there already. And dig back to the source, you will see that a piece of article/a photograph that incited so many people is often cleverly manipulated and out of context.The full story is often very different from the photograph or the snippet that is circulating like wildfire.

But there is a reason why I don’t comment. I have only x amount of resources. There are far more causes that I want to champion than I have resources for. Because before I comment or share a photograph/post, I have to be convinced first that (1) the information is accurate and (2) what do I hope to gain by sharing? People might say that because of my wide media reach, I can raise awareness. On a good week, I have over one million hits on social media. But raising one million mummies to shout their mouths off about something that they personally do not know about serves no purpose whatsoever apart from raising more blood pressures and increasing the anger gauge in the world. Do you know, I hardly read my Facebook Newsfeed?

I want change. Real change.

Many years ago, I expended a lot of anger writing against Tony Blair. I must have worn out many keyboards typing furious ‘expose’ about the man. But for what purpose? I have not ousted him out of office. For every hater I managed to make of a bystander, there are more who believed B-Liar.

An example is the recent Brexit. Literally thousands of people who live many thousands of miles from our little island and have the most tenuous link to us strange islanders took to Facebook to ridicule and criticise Boris Johnson, the UK’s new Foreign Secretary. It made me laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, for how many of those keyboard warriors actually know the man? The media latched on to him because he is such a caricature  (that sells newspapers) and the masses fall for the media’s tactics hook, line and sinker. Boris is actually a very intelligent man, if you know him, that is (he had written several academic books). And think about this, he has not killed anybody, raped any child nor robbed any grannies. Isn’t energy better spent elsewhere than spreading the media’s propaganda?

For example, a few days ago, the UK media ran a video released by Leader of the Labour Party sitting on the floor of a Virgin train. Now, I detest the railway system in my country, because it is over-priced – it is a classic example that privatisation of key services is a bad idea. We pay so much for poor service, and this photo illustrates that so accurately.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 15.22.33.png

But read the other side of this story…..  Mr Corbyn actually walked past rows of empty seats to film this.

Thus, I am only vocal about the things that I personally know about and can change, that I can make a difference in. Such as my family. If I raise my family the way I want to see the world to evolve to and make that journey public, I hope other families will do the same too. Over time, the world will have happy, strong and peaceful family units built on love, kindness and faith. It is when real change happens, in a peaceful and kind way. That’s why I write a lot about family life, rather than shouting about Jews, Arabs, whites, yellows, blacks.

In the UK, I write about my local politics because my parents care so much and I am involved because that is where I will go home to. I write about entrepreneurship because I am learning myself and I hope my journey will encourage many despite its perils. In short, I only write, post and share about the things I know first hand and have a personal stake in. It may be the wrong way or it may be the blinkered way, but who is to judge? My stance could be wrong, but then so could yours.

It does not mean I don’t care. Far from it. I care enough to rein in my knee-jerk reaction to lash out at a world that is already hurting, shaky and unstable. I care enough not to create further divisions but recruiting you to my side of the argument when it comes to world events and global politics. I just build my family, try to be without prejudice and following the words of Gandhi, BE the change you want to see instead of banging about the things I cannot change on my keyboard sitting in my armchair, just to vent, just to validate my existence.

Peace, love, light ❤

Photo on 6-19-16 at 15.40