People have asked me what the words meant on my Facebook profile photograph.  Well, it’s a phrase that my partner says a lot, and is immortalised in Catching Infinity:

Excerpt from Catching Infinity, Chapter 11, The Jam Jar:

She paused, remembering. “With Hennie, it was always the simple things. There is such beauty in simple things, Dominee Dirk, eenvoud kan so mooi zijn. Like swimming in the waterhole on hot afternoons or sitting on the stoep at night. Boermusiek and braai. And sweet naartjes. The things that we have in abundance here. Hennie and I loved those as we had loved each other. We didn’t want complicated things like accelerators so large that it can be seen from the skies. We didn’t even want to travel. Life was good without needing to look further. I think with the right person, things just fall into place, though we were very young then. There is such sweetness in certainty, Dominee Dirk. And that can only come when life is very simple, yes?”


My friend asked me “What could one actually do here?” as we sat in an empty restaurant on an empty beach during low season in Phuket. It had been raining, and the beach was totally empty. In the north part of the island, there is not much of a community here. When the tourists are not here, it is devoid of life.

I told him, surf, kayak, paddle-board, make love, eat, write books, read, learn Dutch poetry. Live. Be happy. I wrote about it here. Thus, I feel blessed for my simple life and begin to understand this cliche saying, “You don’t need much to be happy.”

This is a photograph taken in summer in Bosham, Hampshire.