I don’t believe human beings were born unkind, but many factors, such as having their own dreams trampled by others, make us unkind as we lash out in response to our own pain.

And unkindness seeps in when we rush, rush, rush. In our quest to win the meaningless race, we have become unkind.  What are we rushing for???? This was an article in yesterday’s newspaper about a mother’s pain when her daughter with cerebral palsy was humiliated by her schoolmate who did not want her in his relay team – because she was too slow. I can empathise how difficult a child with disability feels when in the same cohort as able-bodied children – my godson Marchant has cerebral palsy and every step is a struggle – and to be shamed in front of classmates like that by a ‘friend’ who just wants to win a race ???!  What have we become as human beings?  I think as a yogi once said, we are merely humans these days, we have forgotten the ‘being’ part.

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Yesterday, my child skipped school to go to an orphanage to clean the space up for Burmese refugee kids. She came home tired and dirty.  She, who doesn’t do much cleaning at home, spent hours with the slop bucket. I insist on her doing charity work in her already full timetable because she is the alpha type of person who is always first in everything, be it academic or sports. So slow down, G, learn to be kind.

To illustrate my insistence that G does charity work, I told her about this couple we know. The husband is older than the wife – he is eighty whilst she is still in her sixties. The wife is still fit and fast whilst he struggles with a bad leg.  She often rushes ahead and tuts impatiently at his slowness and his old age in an unkind sort of way. I can tell you, it doesn’t make a person feel good.  Once, when we were out walking, I walked by his side and he was so happy just pointing out the sights to me. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk and he was grateful that someone cared enough to be slow for the love of him. Yes, even some cities are being built now to foster this, to reverse this destructive tide that humanity is currently struggling against. We have to become human beings again as a race, rather than mindless bots in a meaningless race.

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