Driving along District 3 in Ho Chi Minh City, we came across this beautiful gate. Truong Marie Curie. It is a school.

It attract my attention, especially in this Nobel season, because no woman has won the Nobel Prize for Physics for the past 53 freaking years! It’s not that women are not capable…maybe they just don’t figure in the Nobel Committee’s mindset???

My vote goes to Vera Rubin and her colleague Kent Ford for presenting the world with first real evidence of dark matter decades ago, but no, they have not won the Nobel Prize For Physics. In 2015, it was neutrinos that ran away with it; this year it was matter in exotic states. Why not dark matter, which accounts for more than a quarter of the universe???

Here’s more about dark matter in an easy to read article.

So please do send an intention to the Nobel Committee via the universe to please award next year’s top prize to this 88 year old lady. Thank you.