I told my high-flyer younger daughter, as I have told a few other young ladies, those who would listen to an old girl like me, “Do not dream of men who will rescue you from burning buildings, who look good in nice clothes and make you grand promises; do not even believe in a man who presents you with a ring and asks you to marry him.

“Instead, look for meaning in the ordinary. Look for the man who stood by your side in the rain, who puts up with your nonsense and who never wavers in his commitment to you.  Look for someone who has never hurt you intentionally, who would rather hurt himself than see you in pain. Because that’s the one who is worthy of the most precious thing you have to give.”

I know someone who believed in the grand words, such as “I will be queen of your kitchen and  prostitute in your bed”, but  who – after a short time into the relationship –  never cooked and had a spare room in the house to watch porn and contact other men in. Words are cheap but consistent actions over a long period of time are not.  It’s like buying cheap junk jewellery – fun to wear for a while, looks good, but not for lifetime. Better to look for old shoes, who have walked the miles for you, with you.

And guess what, you can have a fun and exciting life with old shoes, go to places together, explore, adventure, love, grow together. That is excitement of a lifetime, the meaning in the ordinary.


Genieten van je ontbijt ❤