I was very busy during my Oxford years. I went up to the University, on full scholarship, with little babies in tow. And during those years, my life revolved around babies, studies, housework and a part-time job. I used to work for my friend James in his little company, Rembrandt’s Hat, and at a motorcycle shop, just to make ends meet.

But despite the near Dickensian poverty, those were the happy years. We went tobogganing with the kids whenever it snowed down Headington Hill, telling them magical tales about Magdalen Deer Meadow, identifying the wildflowers in the university park and punting all summer down the Cherwell.  So many beautiful memories, but for me, one of the most special ones – one that shone like the brightest stars – were the cold nights we tagged along with the astrophysicists to watch the heavens above White Horse Hill.

This year, I started tutoring my youngest child.  I spent hours making notes, putting in little asides to keep the fires in her imagination going, rather than be dulled by the rigours of International Baccalaureate exams. I have also written a small book on the topic, called An Evening In Wonderland – A Brief Story of Maths, Physics & The Universe. It is actually a love story for the Young Adult Fiction category.

All the magic I knew from Oxford, including looking at the cosmos, went into my labour of love.

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 21.22.18.png

It was lovely therefore lovely to be given the opportunity to test this out at her school, with a group of animated and inspired sixth formers. You can read about it here:

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And I begin to understand these Dutch words, “die te transformeren tot een levensdoel” – as my partner said, with that big smile of his, “All that beauty that you have known, Jac, it must go somewhere.” Yes, I will transform it into a purpose, a levensdoel ❤

Create yours ❤