I have been writing a lot about magic and excitement in the ordinary. Perhaps I do so subconsciously, because my partner and I are celebrating a BIG anniversary in less than a month’s time. We have come through so much together, from  my serious illness to life’s drastic changes. These tough times, ironically, held us together, because it was like we had a project. And both of us, being strong and fiercely determined, would never run away like cowards from what we set out to do.

Today is the Twenty-Ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time. Why Ordinary Time? My daughter often asks me.

Because sometimes, it is harder to see meaning in ordinary times, and it is also in ordinary times that we stop trying, we stop focusing, and we get bored.

A beautiful meme from Educate Inspire ChangeEducate Inspire Change:


So my message this Sunday is, look at the person beside you. Maybe he/she looks ordinary, tired, not so exciting, but perhaps that is because he/she had been making breakfast, reassuring you, taking out the rubbish, caring for you, keeping things together.

Imagine life without that person. No stars that night, that’s for sure. So don’t look for stars that come out only once every thousand years, but those that shine for you every night ❤