I have a strange way of learning a new language: I don’t go for classes and I don’t use google translator.  I read poems and translate using an old-fashioned, dog-eared dictionary. I talk to native speakers at every opportunity. Poor people.

So now, I decided to try cooking using a recipe written in Dutch. Here‘s the recipe from keukenliefde.

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 11.52.58.png

It is easy, because there are lots of photos 🙂  The outcome was tasty, though it did look like the traditional English apple turnover cake which I learned to make from my mother – I still can’t get my head round putting apple cubes in the batter!

Try it, it’s fun! And this one tastes great (especially with ice cream), though I reverted back to my old recipe of adding cinnamon and raisins.