When you workout side by side with your loved one, it becomes a pleasurable experience rather than a boring / painful task to be endured. I am a runner and though I can run for miles and still feel the wind singing in my ears rather than the torture of burning muscles, I dislike mat work such as press-ups, planks, abdominal crunches, etc intensely and try to avoid it.

But he makes it a joy. He is also one of the main reasons for me to keep fit, young and healthy. For I am his running mate in life, for a man who is more used to running alone. He teases me gently about being older, and because of the nature of our relationship, that goading works. I am spurred on.

There we were, side by side, doing core and arm work.  Lift leg up high (you can see his in the mirror behind us) then bring the knee down to touch the opposite elbow. Try sixty.

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 12.43.28.png

No greater joy hath I than being by his side.

But it’s altogether a different story on a lazy Saturday morning with him halfway across the world. Getting on the mat was rather difficult.

So here’s what I did. I put on beautiful music, lit a candle and wrote his full name on a piece of paper which I placed in front of me. I spent a few minutes putting myself into a state of mind where I saw him by my side, heard his voice and felt his breath.

It did get me moving, despite still being in my pyjamas. You might like to try this visualisation with props technique for motivation.