My mother is the type of person who always sees the good in everyone and everything.  I know she loves her garden and summer with great passion, but yesterday, she commented to me, “Oh, it’s good that winter is coming.  There’ll be no mosquitoes then.”


“Oh you know, Jac, I always get eaten alive by mosquitoes,” she said. “They seem to choose me.”


(1) If you are of blood group O and/or secrete chemical signals broadcasting your blood group, then mozzies will head for you. Research here.

(2) Larger people get bitten more because they put out more carbon dioxide, which mozzies can smell. Similarly, pregnant women attract mosquitoes on that basis.

(3) Perspiration also attracts mosquitoes.

(4) Skin bacteria that some people have also make them more partial to mozzies.

(5) Beer!

(6) Colour! Certain colours make you more visible to mosquitoes. If you find this unbelievable (I did), read this article.

(7) Genetics. Yes, some people are natural repellers.

That’s me in my mother’s garden, unmolested by mosquitoes. I am blood group AB-, I generally don’t perspire excessively (though I have a high metabolic rate) but I drink beer…on balance, mozzies don’t like me! Phew!