I once knew someone with cold lumps under his skin.  I suspected those lumps weren’t malignant, but they forced me to reconcile the two hemispheres of my brain: my medical training which is very practical in nature and my years of postgraduate Physics research which made me believe that all reality (including human being) is energy.

Aimee Falchuk, MPH, M.Ed, CCEP is a therapist and an emergency services clinician who works with people with energy blocks in their body. Though I am not a great believer in psychology/therapy, Aimee is one of the generation of therapists who recognise that we have to work on ourselves before we can relate to others positively. You can book a session with Aimee here (she has a private practice in Boston).

It ties in with the article I wrote for this blog and Huffington Post a few days ago about my magical mum and seeds.


Life is a balance of resistance and surrender.  It is pretty much like yoga: strength and flexibility.  In an unreal world, we would just ‘accept’ everything that is dished out to us – for example injustices, cruelty, control, etc – and embrace it either because we cannot change it, or because it is ‘karma’. But like Aimee, I believe there has to be a certain amount of fighting back to make the world a better place and also for our self-realisation. Thus, the great secret to a happy life is to do something that you are unhappy about BUT ultimately, accepting what you cannot change and making the best of it.

Often, we are bound by ego and/or fear, which stops us from ‘going with the flow’ and perhaps growing. We enforce our will power on the inevitable, on resisting change, causing much internal conflict. And as scientific research is beginning to emerge, these emotional turmoils can have physical and physiological effects on the human body. I wouldn’t be surprised that the cold lumps in the body is a manifestation of the cold terrain within, where vicious battles of the past were fought and suppressed, rather than processed and let go.

Aimee’s list of 10 Reminders for Practicing Surrender: 

  1. Take note of the places in your life where there are forcing currents of energy. Where do you feel most frustrated? Where are you imposing your will and way onto something or someone? What are your demands?
  2. What is the impact of your forcing currents on your body, your breath, your mood?
  3. What are your beliefs about this thing that you want? “I want it because…” “I have to have it because…” “If I don’t have it then…”
  4. What images come to mind when you think of letting go, of stepping away and letting things happen?
  5. What do you get from not surrendering? How does it serve you? What don’t you have to do or feel by holding on?
  6. Explore your resistance to letting go. Start with “I won’t…” (Trust? Feel? Accept?)
  7. Build your container by finding safe places (and people) to experience and express your feelings about what you want, about not having it, and about the prospect of letting go and letting things be.
  8. Rest and practice self-care.
  9. Notice any changes from step one in your thoughts, body/energy, and behaviors. Acknowledge them!
  10. Repeat: Surrender is a practice.

Your past is gone.  Be brave enough to walk through the gate to a new world and all that your future holds for you. ❤