This time last year, I was in such a dark, hopeless place.  I seriously wanted to stop living because I have lost so much. Including my health and my curves.

But life is full of good people (believe it!!!!), and I grew close to two, Anna and Vicky.  We three weren’t in a good place,  but over Jamaican food and wine, we cried and laughed and decided to spread light instead of being miserable and vengeful.

Against all logic, we decided to dig deep and spread cheer to the world. That Christmas, we launched our Giveaways, as a token of our gratitude for what we still had in our lives.  We gave away things that we once loved, such as a winter coat, warm bobble hat and scarf, a bling bikini ….. search under the Feelgood section to see our giveaways.

And then we decided to do something fun. We offered temporary ownership of this gold Karen Millen boob tube to anyone who was willing to take a photo of themselves in it and shared it with us. It roused a storm!

This was me kick-starting the boob tube photo project last December in the UK before it went to Borneo:

Photo on 12-25-15 at 16.00.jpg

Since then, it has passed through several hands (and bodies). It is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia now, as far as I know. But what’s its story?

From Anna:

I originally purchased the boob tube in the summer of 2002 from Karen Millen (High Street Kensington Branch). That was my favorite branch as they always had good stock levels.

Karen Millen in fact was one of my favorite high street store at the time. The quality was good, their great selection of styles were always on trend and had that designer labels look without the huge price tag!

The gold bub tube was certainly one of my star buys I originally brought it as I just liked the look of it I had no where in mind to wear but knew it would look good. I eventually wore it 2 years later after I purchased it to a party, with skinny jeans, fitted blazer and heels. My hair was tied up in a long pony tail. The top certainly made me feel unique in a sense that it was not common to see and gave me that star quality that I had on a nice gold boob tube to match my personality for those who know me (bright, bubbly happy and ready for fun, laughter and quite daring). I feel our clothes are a reflection of our selves and I felt extremely body confident then. I also try not to wear too much dark clothes . The gold against my brown skin worked well for me.

I only wore the top once as most of my friends attended the barbeque. I only would wear my going out clothes once and usually gave most of my clothes to either my sister, family or friends (admittedly I had too many clothes). My sister Vicky had much bigger boobs then me so unfortunately she did not inherit the boob tube.

I moved in with my now husband and realized all of my clothes and personal items would not fit into our flat! Therefore in 2012 the clothes I no longer regularly wear went into storage. I arranged all my clothes in seasons, winter, summer, etc. The boob tube has been there since then along with many classic clothing and shoe items. Most of now I have given away, quite a few items have never been worn and still have the price tags on.

I am much more resourceful now especially being a mum my crazy shopping days are over along with the regular crazy night life.


So if you had once been its owner, here’s a BIG HUG and FAIRY DUST to you. Spread it ❤