A beautiful drawing, from Buddha Doodles:


Something my mum asked of me, too, recently, to wear a hat for my mother-in-law’s funeral. I was annoyed. Such a small inconsequential detail, I thought, but I did it nonetheless.  For my mum and my mother-in-law, the two women in my life who put such love in the small things they do. My mum would always put my old teddy bear out on my bed whenever I came home to stay:


We lead such rushed lives these days, with our eyes focused only on the big prize, that we often forget life is a collection of small things and ordinary days. “Too busy”.  How often have we fallen victim to that?

I try to remember to be present in the things I do daily, like making breakfast for my loved ones, caring for them in small ways and saying a small prayer of gratitude and thanks every night.

So here’s for my late mother-in-law, with great love. My mother-in-law used to sew dresses for me with her little sewing machine, and here I am, all grown up, appropriately dressed and in a new hat too and hair sorted out professionally for her funeral, (which we call a celebration of her life)  ❤