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I’m not really into fashion, but my partner gets very annoyed when I muse, “Hmmmmmm, should I wear my running shoes or flip-flops?”

“It’s just effing shoes, Jac!” He would exclaim in exasperation.

No, it’s just not effing shoes. Shoes are about comfort. One lady, Janan Leo,  was smart enough to see that.  For us ladies, much as we love glamorous heels, it is sooooo much more important to be comfortable.  An uncomfortable pair of shoes can wreck a whole evening. I remember going for a formal Ball once in a ball gown but wearing wellington boots – I had so much fun because I was no longer restricted by uncomfortable footwear.

Janan set up a company that makes foldable shoes. Cocorose London is perfect for women who commute to work – you can walk to the train/tube in comfortable Cocorose London shoes, and when you get to the office, you can fold these shoes away and put them snugly into your handbag!

There are many gorgeous designs, ranging from £35-£110. Cocorose is now sold in 30 countries and Janan had built up a million pound business empire. Well done!

Here’s Janan’s story: Love those shoes!

But what I thought was most interesting about Janan’s story is that she had been rejected by over 100 factories before one said yes!!! You do need the strength and tenacity to succeed in entrepreneurship.



Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 18.52.18.png

Incidentally, when I was ill last year, my partner bought me this decadent pair of luxurious boots and I absolutely loved them! They lifted my spirit immediately, they are glamorous yet comfortable,  so yes indeed, shoes are very important to women, even unfashionable ones.


And finally: