A few years ago, I suggested to someone to fake it till you make it.

“No,” he had said, cold and immovable.  “I will be true to my feelings.”

And here is the thing I learned as a lifelong practitioner and student of yoga philosophy: feelings, like everything else, change. Where you spend time in your head is where you go.

Faking it is not about cheating yourself but setting the intention of where you want to be. There is a lovely story I saw a while back (I believe it is quite popular) about a husband who wanted to divorce his sick wife because he found someone else. She agreed, but asked for one last thing. She asked him to carry her in his arms up the stairs everyday for a month.

The husband had enough decency left in him to consent to his wife’s request. In that month, a lot of things changed. Whilst he ‘faked’ being in love, the husband was reminded of the love they once had, and that the love was too special to throw away.  It just needed polishing up.

Paulo Coelho said it beautifully in The Alchemist: “When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.”

When you fake it, it means you believe so much in it that it has already come true ❤

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