I am a strong advocate for self-care, especially for mothers. Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, said something along these lines: the energy of the house depends on the energy of the woman.

And though women are, by virtue of our evolutionary nature, nurturing and caring, but when the well is empty, we have nought to give. We also have the potential to turn angry and bitter when our fuel tanks run low.

Mine was running at half full, and I can recognise the signs. I think that’s important,  to face up to reality and do something about it, rather than live unhappily and spread that unhappiness. But I can’t get away for the next couple of months, as I am tutoring my daughter. So I did the next best thing: I spent one day clearing the house and filling it with new energy:

  1. I switched my phone off and did not answer messages from my partner and my child;
  2. I cleaned the house from top to bottom, and sprinkled salt in corners;
  3. I didn’t have smudge, so I burned incense;
  4. I lit candles;
  5. I bought flowers;
  6. I played lots of mantra all day;
  7. and I invited two yogi friends over, one American and one Swedish. They have such lovely energy and I could feel my tank slowly filling up with their energy.

We had a beautiful, healing lunch and with energizing drink (1. apple, celery, lettuce, ginger and 2. watermelon and mint). According to the sutras, choose friends who will lift you. It made such a difference.  x