I have been feeling under the weather for a couple of days. It was an easy diagnosis. Over the weekend, my friend and I were in a Bake-Off competition, and I overdosed on sugar, eating other contestants’ sugar-filled goodies.

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I’ve always had a sensitivity towards sugar, I was high as a kite, and inevitably, I crashed. What goes up must come down. I stayed in a darkened room and hunkered down.

“Get up, you lazy moo,” my partner said, across the miles. “Go for a run, do some yoga.”

“P*ss off,” I told him in annoyance. “Don’t tell me what to do.”

And then the news came in that there was a terror attack in London, my city.  It made me a lot worse. I Skyped my friend who is a psychologist in a hospital to Stockholm.  We talked for over an hour, working things through, and he ended our conversation with, “Get out of the house. Go for yoga.”

Sound advice. But I struggled through class, physically still weak from my sugar crash and being lethargic for two days. The room was heated to 42 degrees, so it was a challenge just to stay on my feet.  But most of all, I struggled with my mind. I wanted to walk out, in the full knowledge that no one could stop me. I wanted to stop trying.  I can indeed walk out of class and I can stop trying on my yoga mat, but I cannot walk out of life and I cannot stop trying to cope. Life is an extrapolation of what I was going through on the yoga mat.

And again, as a correlation with life, it is the positive, supportive, warm and loving energy of my yoga teacher and these two ladies who practice with me everyday that kept me on my mat, trying,when I so badly wanted to give up.

In life, during the hard times, we keep going because of the love and support of our loved ones. They carry us through the hard times, when we feel like quitting. Cherish them.

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The greatest feeling, the best natural high (no need sugar) is when you triumph over adversity, when you survived, be it 90 minutes of a challenging yoga class or tragedy.  That’s when you feel so very grateful  for being alive and for having all that you have in your life. Live, to connect ❤