This pose is called Dandayamana Janushirasana or Standing Head to Knee Pose.

Anyone who is reasonably flexible with reasonably strong legs could do this pose.  I have seen complete novices doing it.

But here’s the thing: though quite a few can do it without years of training, you can only do it perfectly and hold it for any period of time after a long time training.

It’s like relationships: if you are moderately good looking, moderately normal and moderately decent, then literally anyone can fall in love and fly high.

For a short while.

To keep a relationship going for years, content with what you have, live joyously day in and day out, is a different kettle of fish together.

It’s like the difference between being able to achieve this impressive-looking pose for half a second, or maintaining it for a long while. For the novice who puts everything into achieving this grand pose, the effort means you topple over shortly after.

For the old hand, you take your time. You concentrate on your standing leg (your stability), you get comfortable, you reach for your goal and breathe into it. You become at one and you can stay here forever, with everything working beautifully with you.

No, I am not quite there yet. Be it this pose, relationship or life.

And you know what? It doesn’t matter if you fall. Just get back on your mat and try again and again with your happy smiley face.  What matters is the commitment to practice and bringing joy to what you do. I mean in life and relationships, not just this yoga pose 😉

As my partner would say cheekily, “Practice the Standing Head to Knee Pose, Jac,” with a wink of his eye. I know what he means!