I know about life in refugee camps, having volunteered at the Burj al Barajneh and Rafah camps during the intifada. I know how difficult (if not impossible) it is to find nutritious food – somehow, the UN rations were not making the people grow strong and healthy, as they needed to, living in such dire conditions. I don’t think things have changed much in the intervening 20 years.

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This is Aya, Iman and Abdel.  They are little Syrian children struggling to survive.

I have just sent them some fruits, vegetables and eggs via Humanwire, and a small sum to go towards the delivery cost.  If you click on this link, you will see that it costs so little to feed these children and many like them. It cost less than the bottle of wine  I had last night, that I could easily have done without the wine. But these children need fruits, vegetables and eggs, just at the most basic level.

There is another girl who needs your help, and I have initiated a campaign through Humanwire. More than anything, I would love for you to join me in helping Ayda. 

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Ayda could easily have been your sister or your daughter of the friend you once knew at university. She was just a normal girl studying biology at university when her home was destroyed by bombs. Ayda’s family did not take the easy way out in the first instance. They fled to another town, trying to build their lives.  They really did try, for a year, until Ayda’s father was arrested and sent to prison. They then fled the country.  Ayda is in Lebanon now, waiting.  Her two brothers, formerly high flying students of dentistry and computing science, are now working as mechanic and blacksmith to keep the family afloat. They are genuine people in need, victims of world events.

Please help Ayda. $15 makes a difference. Yes, your donation will make a world of difference to Ayda and her family. Humanwire ensures that 100% of your money goes straight to Ayda.  You can even Skype her. And visit her! Get to know her story. Be part of something  positive.

Please click here to be part of Ayda’s future. Every penny counts, and it goes straight to her.