When I was in Georgia, I learned that ancient drawings of women all follow a certain divine proportions, which include over-large eyes. We have eyes to see beauty and to take that into our hearts, minds and souls so that we recreate that in our world. This is to counter-balance the pain and darkness that exist.

Whenever I read something beautiful or words that move me, I like to pause and connect with moments of my life where the same beauty had touched me.  Today, amidst teaching my daughter chemistry on a rainy day:


I read Rumi’s words:

Love is cure. Love is power. Love is the magic of change. Love is the mirror of divine beauty.

~ Rumi

And I responded with a poem to my soulmate:

My broken life

Its sharp shards

Began pulling together


Becoming whole again

Hurts me no more

When you held me close

“Jac,” you said softly,


Against my hair.

Your heartbeats thundering

Strandbeest in your rib cage

Moonshine of the Battersea night

Tumbling through the skylight.

Your footprints

Are constellations of stars

Following me round the world

The flame burns

Ceaselessly, tirelessly, relentlessly,

Through our long road

And many fights

Love is the power

That keeps it burning.

And should the light

Ever be extinguished

I know you will

Find me

In the darkness.

Ik ben in u

Never let me go.


Image: Battersea Bridge from Pinterest.