You can have lots of sex – you know, poke and jiggle – but your soul could still be starved of that toe-curling feelings. Your body might have its biological release, but the earth never shuddered.  You could have sex, but have stopped (or maybe never) kissed deeply.

It is common in a long term relationship to have the obligatory sex, namely the weekly routine of cursory intercourse, but intimacy is quite something else. Intimacy is what that rocks you to your core like a huge earthquake, and its aftermath still felt hours and days later, whenever you think about what you both had done. Your sexy secrets that makes action between the sheets explosive, even without removing a single item of clothing.

A few years ago, I took a massage course from a Thai massage school.   Learning how to massage like a pro:


Massaging my partner is sexy,  but what I found a whole load sexier is teaching my partner how to massage me!

Recently, researchers found that massage helps couple to light that fire of intimacy.  Sayuri Naruse, a visiting researcher at the University of Northumbria and Dr Mark Moss, a psychology professor, conducted the study on 38 couples and found that massage does indeed help relationships between couples.

Touch is human beings’ lifeline.

Six things to do with your partner

Feed your partner and let your fingers linger in his mouth

Soap your partner down in the shower

Kiss deeply, get to know the insides of his mouth

Say something dirty that he responds to

Remove his shoes for him and touch him between his toes

Eye contact – look at him, think naughty thoughts and say nothing, maybe just smile a secret little smile

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